2021 Scholarship Applications Are Available!

Scholarship applications are available for the 2021!  If you are a high school senior or college student looking to work in the construction industry, we want to give you some money!!

Members’ Graduating Seniors

If you have a student graduating high school and are the owner or key employee of a member company, take a look at this scholarship.  The student must be continuing their education in the Fall, in any field.  University, community college, trade school, apprenticeship program, etc. all qualify as continuing education.

College Students in Construction Industry Program

College students enrolled in a construction industry program can apply for this scholarship, designed to promote careers in construction.  Students must have completed 48 overall credits, with 12 in their chosen field, by the end of Spring semester.

Lamon Memorial Scholarship

Dedicated to the contributions the Lamon family have given over the years to the Yuba/Sutter area, students with a permanent address in those counties can apply for this ‘bonus’ scholarship.

Visit our website to download the applications.


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