VCE Board of Directors and Staff

Valley Contractors Exchange Board of Directors 2019

Executive Committee:

Ben Eckstrom, President              Proframe Construction

Matt Bauer, Vice President          InterWest Insurance Services, LLC

Joe Hupp, Treasurer                    Hupp Signs & Lighting, Inc.

Steve Christophel, Secretary        Payless Building Supply

Brandon Slater, Past President    DH Slater & Son, Inc.


Steve Buttitta                             NorCal Green Building Consulting

Jennifer Foglesong                    Butte Co. Office of Education, CTE

Bryan Ginno                               Ginno Construction, Inc.

Brannan Hankins                        Hankins Group

Chris Kohler                                Foothill Fire Protection, Inc.

David Murray                              Law Offices of David J. Murray

Mike Phulps                                Metal Works


Carrie Moore                              Member Services

Elizabeth Carter                          Office Manager/Planroom Services

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