What? Public Works?

Most of the jobs posted in Plan Rooms are public works projects.  These are different from private work because jobs funded with any public funds must follow the Public Contract Code.

Public Contract Code §1100 contains an express declaration of legislative intent, stating that the purpose of the Code is to:

  • To clarify the law with respect to competitive bidding requirements.
  • To ensure full compliance with competitive bidding statutes as a means of protecting the public from misuse of public funds.
  • To provide all qualified bidders with a fair opportunity to enter the bidding process, thereby stimulating competition in a manner conducive to sound fiscal practices.
  • To eliminate favoritism, fraud, and corruption in the awarding of public contracts.

Performing public works jobs requires some specialized knowledge of contracting (as in a legal contract).  You will need to:

  • Be legally licensed by the Contractors State License Board in the classification required for the work
  • Be a registered Public Works Contractor with the Department of Industrial Relations
  • Provide a bid that reflects the entire known work at the time of the bid
  • Follow all local agency/government/special district rules (Pre-qualify, use local workers, etc)
  • Pay Prevailing Wages
  • Follow apprenticeship requirements
  • Maintain and submit certified payroll records
  • Show due diligence to complete the job on schedule

Our fellow trade association, the Construction Industry Force Account Council (CIFAC), has a great blog about the ABC’s of Public Works Bidding in California.  Check it out here.

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