New Construction Warranties

New Construction Warranties

With all the new construction happening, it’s a good time for a short refresher on Construction Warranties.  California has laws in place to protect both the consumer and contractor.  Some you may encounter are:

  • 1-year Express Limited Warranty. CA Civil Code §900 mandates the builder to provide a one-year express written limited warranty, covering the “fit and finish” building components.
  • Under CA Civil Code §896 other building components are covered at different rates:
  • 2 year warranty: untreated wood posts in contact with soil and dryer ducts
  • 4-year warranty: plumbing and sewer systems, electrical systems, exterior concrete/hardscapes and untreated steel fences
  • 5-year warranty: paints and stains causing deterioration of the building surface
  • 10-year warranty: structural integrity

California’s Right to Repair Act (SB800, 2001-2002) gives the builder the right to repair, or attempt to repair, before litigation commences.

(This is not intended as legal advice.  All warranty/guarantee clauses in your contract should be reviewed by an attorney.)


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