Looking for Your Construction Videos and Testimonials!

Construction Videos

We’re going to be hitting you up for some construction videos and testimonials!

VCE’s Board of Directors approved a recommendation from our Scholarship Committee to enhance the way we support local “non-degree” construction training programs.  Working with our CTE partners at Butte College, Butte County Office of Education and Glenn County Office of Education, we’ve discovered our first step needs to be bringing more awareness to the industry and training programs available.

This is where you’ll help.  In the next couple weeks we need some jobsites to show the work and owners and employees to appear on camera, talking about why they’re in the industry and how they got there.  Let us know if you’re interested in inspiring future contractors and we’ll work out the details!

You can email us at: info@vceonline.com
Or call 530-343-1981


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