Looking for Workers? Maybe Alliance for Workforce Development is your answer…

Let Alliance for Workforce Development (AFWD) help you find the workers you need.

The “On the Job Training” (OJT) program provides workforce solutions for businesses by providing employers with wage reimbursement options when hiring an AFWD qualified applicant.  With multiple applicant pools to work from, AFWD can help match your needs to job seekers.

AFWD is also a great option for sourcing applicants. By listing your openings with them, you have a resource for gathering, reviewing and paring down applications.  Instead of sifting through 100’s, you only see the ones that match your criteria.

Find out what AFWD can do for you.  Call Gary Besser at (530) 879-2455 or gbesser@ncen.org.

*Limitations & conditions apply to Alliance for Workforce Development programs. 
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