Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Program regulations are being drafted

Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Program regulations are being drafted.  This is a result of SB 1167, passed in 2016, requiring heat safety regulations for indoor workers.  As currently drafted the regulations apply to indoor work places that get hotter than 80 degrees unless it can be demonstrated the temperature doesn’t go above 85 degrees.  For example: offices with air conditioning.  Action is required when the temperature hits 90 degrees.  Similar to the outdoor HIPP, employers will be required to provide a cool-down area, water, first aid, acclimatization, communication and/or cooling PPEs such as water-cooled garments, air-cooled garments, cooling vests, wetted over-garments, heat-reflective clothing, or supplied-air personal cooling systems.  This language is still a draft work-in-progress.

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