Climate Action Plan Survey – Please Take a Minute to read!

There are a lot of surveys out right now. With Covid closures we’re so limited in how we can discuss, consider, research common ground and agree on reasonable solutions to significant issues.

We are asking you to prioritize answering the Chico Climate Action Plan Update “Workshop” survey.

The Chico Climate Action Plan Update “Workshop” survey is eight simple yes or no questions. Input from the building community is vital. The City needs to hear it from you: Yes or No? Note: this is not about climate change. This is about measures to reduce GHGs. Are these the right ones?

Should we ban natural gas in new housing construction before 2022? Will that work in Chico?

As part of the survey you are invited to make comments, to give a “thumbs up” for other comments, and/or to comment on comments.

It makes reference to the 2019 Chico Bicycle Master Plan Update. Find it by clicking here. Interested in the expiring Climate Action Plan? Find it here.

Please take a minute right now to be part of this online Workshop. We have to update the Chico Climate Action Plan. Are these the right measures to include? Click here for the survey.

Thank you.

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