Camp Fire Resources

Our community is an inspiration in the way that they’ve pulled together to support their neighbors devastated by the Camp Fire.  Here is a list of resources gathered by various agencies and business to help those victims. We recognize that this a very fluid situation, we may not have every resource linked.  Some links have more links within them.

From Butte County Development Services Department

Information about the Camp Fire

Evacuation Center:

  • Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, Chico

Animal Centers:  Butte County Animal Control (BCAC) has announced a transition plan and target date for closure of the temporary animal shelters that were established for the Camp Fire on November 8, 2018. The target date for closure of the animal shelters is Friday, January 4th. Reunification specialists available to assist animal owners identify long-term sheltering.

News and Links

Housing & Office Space

Volunteering Your Time/Services

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