Builders & Building Officials Forum August 30th, 2019

Below are the notes captured from the August 30th Builders & Building Officials Forum:

Alternative methods & materials

  • Testing
  • Standards it meets, e.g. ICC, UL, etc
  • Concrete, light concrete (not formed and poured)
  • Straw bale
  • COBB homes
  • Air Crete – foam & concrete blend
  • Insulated Concrete Forms – These have an ICC approval and would not be considered an alternative
  • SIP construction (panels) SIP panels are currently approved and would not be considered an alternative


Appendix chapters – design standards to adopt.

  • Straw – looking to being adopted.
  • Emergency Housing
  • Tiny Homes
  • COBB

Will insurance cover this method?  No one knows; need to consult your insurance.

Title 25 (County Only)

  • use of alternative materials
  • 1 Acre or larger
  • Zoned rural
  • Not located within the Sphere of Influence of any city or town

Venting:  FEMA recommends no venting

  • Areobarrier, spray in insulation in attic
  • Attic is conditioned space.
  • Insulation roof deck, could compromise the roofing material (void warranty).

If you get your application in by 12/31/19 you will not have to follow the new January 2020 codes.

Butte County has a “building department” site in Paradise located at 5922 Clark Rd.  Hours of operation 9:00 – 3:30 M,T, Th.  If you submitted paper plans to their Oroville office but want to meet in Paradise, please call to set up an appointment so those plans can be transported up to Paradise.

Butte County – missed items on plans:

  • Cal-Green check list
  • Not noting special features on cover page.
  • Under floor or attic insulation.
  • Gas plan (new home), isometric plan is fine.
  • Erosion control on site plan.
  • Waste manage debris program.
  • Incomplete plans on resubmittal need to have complete package.
  • Need designer to sign, especially owner/builder.
  • Trusses – truss review letter from designer.
  • Site plans – need slopes,
  • Infill dirt – need complete test and geo.
  • Location of all utilities.

Town of Paradise:

  • Inaccurate septic or design.
  • Proper zoning for parcel – in 1994 a new general plan was adopted. If property zoned incorrectly for use then there will be a need to do reconciliation.  This could take up to 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Septic – resubmittal process through waste water Department. Each bedroom has a max sq. ft.
  • Septic tank location @ a minimum.

Town has a license evaluator that will camera leach lines and mark in field.

Any damage to the property by the State program – file complaint with the DROC that is located at the Chico airport 900 Fortress St. #200 or call (530)399-0434

Town – Sprinkler and Truss plans can be deferred, but will need to be supplied before permit issued.

Butte County – sprinkler plans can be deferred however a separate permit is required.

Fire flow test is required to design sprinklers.

  • PID will test and get flow numbers if house was burned.
  • Paradise Fire Department will get flow numbers from the hydrant if there was never a house there (Town Only)
  • Call Del Oro for flow data

If located in an HOA check with them first on any requirements before submitting plans.

September 10th @ 6PM – Town of Paradise Council meeting — items to be voted on:

  • Age limit on manufactured homes
  • No RXR ties
  • Size on primary house to be on lot
  • Structures over 100 sq. ft – WUI compliant or not
  • Structures 120 sq. ft. or less and 30’ away – WUI compliant or not
  • Defensible space
  • 5’ non-combustible around residents

Butte County

  • Structures 50’ away or off property line – exempt from WUI
  • Temporary dwelling permit – storage buildings up to 320 sq. ft. — will not need a permit but this ends 2020.

Temporary Power Permit – will need the Certificate of Clean before the permit can be issues.

The Town of Paradise is asking that on rebuilds the electric panels be set up to receive underground service, but not required.

Follow up with PG&E after meeting – The Paradise Pines POA community is planned to be completely undergrounded.  All services to new homes are currently required by PG&E to be underground.

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