Announcing the 2020 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the students who submitted their applications and qualified for the 2020 VCE Scholarship.

The Board of Directors approved awards for:

High School Graduates of Member Companies

Atticus Mikles, Alternative Energy Systems

Ezrah Hankins, Hankins Group, Inc.

College Students in a Construction Industry Program

Sara Greenwood, Welding Technology

Elias Magana Jr., Concrete Industry Management and Operations & Supply Chain Management

Raumee Nassar, Construction Management and Concrete Industry Management

NEW FOR 2021:  The High School Application has been revised to open the scholarship opportunity to all employees of member companies (not just owners and key employees).  If you are employed by a member company, your graduating senior might be eligible for a scholarship.  Watch for the scholarship applications to come out in February 2021.


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