2020 Labor Law All-in-One Posters

New 2020 Labor Law Posters Available!

VCE Members can now get their 2020 Labor Law Posters.  Contact Elizabeth to order yours today.  530-343-1981 or Elizabeth@vceonline.com

“The Department of Industrial Relations requires employers to post information related to wages, hours and working conditions in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday.”


  • If all employees report to a central location every morning before commencing work, a poster must be made available, in a location available to all employees (can’t go in segregated bathrooms unless you provide a poster in each).
  • If employees report directly to the jobsite, the poster must be available at the site, either in a job trailer or in their vehicle (as well as the one in the shop for those employees).

Available means all employees must have unrestricted access to view/read the poster, at all times during working hours.  They shouldn’t have to ask for permission to access the poster.  (If you need more clarification or strategies of how to comply, contact VCE.)

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