Welcome to the Home Builders Resource Connection Online Plan Room!

A resource to assist those wanting to rebuild after the Camp or North Complex fires with multiple bids from qualified licensed contractors.

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Are you a Homeowner looking to receive bids on a project? We can help! Email your building plans to planroom@vceonline.com and include the following:

  • Contact information to direct questions.
  • Date you would like to receive contractor bids by.
  • Trade(s) you would like bids for.

Not sure what kind of contractor you need? If you are looking for a contractor to oversee the entire building process, then you’ll want a General Contractor. If you’re building the project as an Owner Builder, let us know if you want bids for all specialty trades, or just specific trades (such as an Electrician or Plumber).

We will post your plans and notify our members that are licensed to perform that work there is a new project for them to bid on! We can even automate an email to notify you when someone new has viewed your project, which includes their contact information.

The Online Plan Room has tools for contractors too (besides the obvious, sending you to one place to view and bid multiple residential projects)! If you are looking for specialty trades, we can post your project too! Save time and money, there is no need to email your subs a set of plans and specs, let us post your project!

  • We can password protect the project so only your invited subs can view it!
  • We can provide you with an admin code, so you can see who has been viewing your project without the competition being able to see each other.
  • Receive an email with contact information when someone new views your job.
  • A copy of the plans can be ordered in the Online Plan Room and printed by VCE, no need to deliver a physical set at your expense!

For more information, email planroom@vceonline.com or call (530) 343-1981.

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